Deep Battle Overview

taiwan korea

Deep Battle is an exciting, fast-paced two-player war game. You command army, navy, and air units. Combat is resolved by a unique, interactive system that simulates the complexities of combined arms, and involves players in tense and exciting battles.

Deep Battle is an abstract war game that models modern military strategy principles. It can be viewed as a cross-breed between classic Chess and Go, but in the modern setting of joint land, sea & air warfare.

The title "Deep Battle" is based on a military theory developed by the Soviet Union for its armed forces during the 1920s and 1930s. Deep Battle envisaged the breaking of the enemy's forward defences, so the fresh uncommitted mobile operational reserves can exploit by breaking into the strategic depth of an enemy front. The goal of a deep operation was to inflict a decisive strategic defeat on the enemy and render the defence of their front more difficult or impossible. Unlike most other doctrines, deep battle stressed combined arms cooperation at all levels: strategic, operational, and tactical.

Different game scenarios that model modern warfare (world war II and after) can be created using the editor. Think the AI is too weak? No problem, you can create your AI opponent, or play with another human over the network.

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